Web-Application Development

NAGHAM is specialized in a range of web application development services, starting with simple content web-applications spanning through e-Business applications till social network services. We are proud to fulfill this with a team of highly skilled professionals with an in-depth experience in the latest technologies in the web-applications. NAGHAM is delighted to provide a full support for building, deploying and managing powerful web-applications, using the latest technologies and keeping high standards as an indispensible factor.




We believe that standards guide the creating of better products, that’s why we embrace such standards in the early stages of every service production. We always look for and follow the best practices for developing responsive websites with high UX (User Experience Design). We follow the EU/UK standards for web application development for web applications developed for the government.


NAGHAM team embrace the Agile Software Development methodology to make sure that the delivery of the client’s approved features will start shortly after the beginning of the project.

We always assure that we properly collect the correct requirements according to the client’s exact needs. We use the workshops technique to gather the client’s application features, where our team works with the client’s team to capture the needs.

Following this step, NAGHAM team starts digging into the collected requirements to generate the Epic stories, graphs, scrum artifacts and user-stories.

NAGHAM team then plans for project versions, sprints and deliverables, then estimates the sprints where every sprint requires around two weeks of development, after which, the team deploys the application into the staging environment. After each release we deploy it to production environment.


We use a variety of edge web-development technologies to develop reliable, robust and user-friendly web-applications and these include:

 Ruby On Rails

 Java Server Faces
 Prime Faces

 Twitter bootstrap

 JBoss Rich Faces