Oracle services cloud

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Oracle has branded its Infrastructure as a Service as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offerings include the following services.[3][4]

Compute: The company provides Virtual Machine Instances to provide different shapes (VM sizes) catering to different types of workloads and performance characteristics. They also provide Bare metal servers and Bare metal GPU servers, without a hypervisor with capability to scale up and down.
Storage: The platform provides Block Volumes, Object Storage, and Archive Storage with capability to enable database, analytics, content, and other applications across common protocols and APIs.
Networking: This cloud platform provides network with fully configurable IP addresses, subnets, routing, and firewalls to support new or existing private networks with End-to-End Security.
Governance: For Auditing, Identity and Access Management, the platform has capabilities for Data Integrity Checks, Traceability, and access management features.
Database: The platform allows Oracle databases to be deployed on demand in cloud environment with Real Application Clusters, data security, and granular controls.
Load Balancing: The cloud platform offers load balancing capability to automatically route traffic across Availability Domains for high availability and fault-tolerance for hosted applications.
Edge Services: These services are used to monitor the path between users and resources to adapt to changes and outages using secure DNS infrastructure.
Ravello: This service allows deployment of existing VMware or KVM based data center workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, AWS, or GCP as-is, without any modification to the VMs, network, or storage.
FastConnect: The cloud platform provides private connectivity across on-premises and cloud networks.