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Getting Started with Oracle Fusion CRM Collaboration: Overview
Oracle Fusion CRM Collaboration is a collection of features of the Oracle WebCenter product. Employees in an organization can use these features to collaborate and stay informed of the latest information.

Employees can use Oracle Fusion CRM Collaboration features to do the following business tasks:

Access real-time feeds of business transactions.

Engage in contextual discussions around key business goals.

Leverage group spaces to enhance team collaboration.

Enhance virtual team communication by staying up-to-date on peer activities, deals, connections, and community updates.

Gain greater visibility into opportunities and best practices.

Make informed decisions with peer feedback.

Access critical information to streamline the sales process.

From Oracle WebCenter, Oracle Fusion CRM Collaboration leverages the following features.

Activity Streams
Activity streams provide an ongoing view of activities from connections, actions taken in group spaces, and other business activities. Within Oracle Fusion CRM Collaboration, activity streams have been enabled for opportunities and customer business events, as displayed in the following Oracle Fusion CRM areas:

Welcome page

Sales Dashboard

Customer Center overview page

Employees can use activity streams to:

Stay current on relevant business updates or updates from the communities of which the user is a member.

Stay up-to-date on what others are working on and what is happening in your organization.

Make timely decisions with real-time contextual insight.

Overcome organizational and geographical boundaries that make it hard to find help and expertise.

Increase employee interaction and collaboration.

For more information, see “Tracking Your Connections Activities” in the Oracle Fusion Middleware User’s Guide for Oracle WebCenter Spaces.